About Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham, Freelance Writer and EditorSarah Graham is a freelance journalist, writer and editor, dedicated to writing words that make a difference and telling the stories that matter. She is based in Hertfordshire, with easy access to London, and writes for media, corporate, charity, and small business clients.

Sarah specialises in feminism, women’s health and lifestyle, refugee issues, and mental health and wellbeing. Her work particularly focuses on the intersection of health and gender, and provides a feminist angle on the wellbeing of our minds, bodies, and souls.

Sarah grew up enchanted by the magic of words, from the stories of Enid Blyton and Jacqueline Wilson that shaped her childhood, to the great feminist polemicists who captured her heart for social justice. She understands the power that storytelling can have – not just in literature and journalism, but also in our lives, businesses and campaigns.

After dabbling in news journalism, Sarah’s fascination with human stories and psychology drove her towards feature writing. She covers the issues that matter to her, and strives to keep passion and empathy as the heart and soul of her work – whether that’s a blog post on workplace wellbeing for a commercial client, or a magazine feature on refugee women’s lives.

The flexibility of freelancing allows Sarah to work with an incredible, diverse range of people, who all have stories to tell: from inspiring individuals and small businesses, to well-known brands and charities. Her experience across national and online media outlets helps to ensure those stories make an impact.

She occasionally writes as Sarah Graham-Cooke.

Curriculum vitae

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  • Self-employed writer and editor (2012-present) – portfolio
  • Communications Executive, Women for Refugee Women (2015-2017)
  • Deputy Editor, Feminist Times (2013-2014)


  • Newspaper Journalism MA (Distinction) – City University
  • English and French BA Hons (2:1) – University of Warwick


  • Writing news, features, opinion and blog articles
  • Copywriting and editing, including content marketing
  • Campaigning and charity communications
  • Sub-editing for print, web and digital editions
  • Online content management systems (WordPress, Joomla)
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing (MailChimp, Nationbuilder)
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe software

Continuing Professional Development:

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