Love Wins: reflections on June


June 2016 will go down in my memory as a month of horrors, hurt and hatred, bookended by outstanding displays and outpourings of love. In reality the hurt began on 24th May, my second wedding anniversary, with the deportation of a woman I’d come to deeply care for during the nine months I’d been visiting her […]

Morning After Pill: Myth Vs Reality


In my latest piece for The Debrief, sponsored by ellaOne, I busted some of the myths surrounding emergency contraception – including when and how often you can take the morning after pill, how it works, and how difficult it is to get hold of. You can read the article in full here.

The reality of being a pregnant woman in Yarl’s Wood

The Pool - pregnant in Yarl's Wood

Originally published at The Pool: Lucy was 23 when she fell pregnant, following a brutal gang rape by three men in her home country. After receiving threats on her life, she fled to the UK, believing she would be safe here – only to find herself locked up in Yarl’s Wood detention centre at five […]

“Detention is no place for pregnant women”

Mumsnet YW

Originally published as a guest post at Lucy* was 23 when she fell pregnant as a result of brutal sexual violence. Her mother bought her a plane ticket to the UK, thinking she and her baby would be safe here – but she was detained straight from the airport. She arrived frightened, alone and […]