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The alternative title for this blog post is ‘Things I’d be blogging about properly if I wasn’t so overwhelmed by finals.’ Lately I’ve mostly been reading lots and lots of Shakespeare plays and criticism, and quite a few French grammar books because somehow (though I’ve no idea how) the last 4 years of my undergraduate degree have slipped away from under my feet and I’m now three days away from the start of my final exams.

Outside my bubble of 17th century English theatre and 21st century French syntax, a few things have caught my eye which would normally have received my full blogging attention. Some of them I expect to come back to, in a post-exam blogging frenzy, but the following articles and blog posts are all well worth a read.

On marriage

  • The Broken Doll’s House: The Marriage Conundrum – inspired by Marriage? Not for me (a 2009 blog post from The F Word), Naomi’s post sums up a lot of my own misgivings and ambivalence about marriage, as well as the role feminism is playing in my own thoughts about planning the wedding – and, more importantly, marriage – that I have decided to have. I’ll obviously be blogging lots more about this…

On the French election

The election of socialist François Hollande is certainly promising for the women of France. Equality in the cabinet office is a great start, but it will be interesting to see Hollande put some of his practical, pro-woman policies into practice.

On the “Socialist” who could have been President

On RadFem2012

From The Student Journals

Right, back to revision. Normal service can resume in less than two weeks, and it can’t come soon enough. Wish me luck!

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