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Jayde Adams

Bristol-born Jayde Adams took a meandering route into comedy, taking in disco dancing, fish mongering and window selling along the way. “I tried acting, went to stage school, I have dabbled in musical theatre, physical theatre, I was a door woman, contemporary dancer, palm reader, restaurant manager, opera singer, cocktail waitress,” she says.

“A clever friend said to me once, ‘every time someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ reply with the thing you hope to be and people will start believing it.’ Sounds like a line from a song in Sister Act 2 but I think it’s true – I called myself a comedian for two years before I did any comedy in front of anyone.”

Now living in London and a fully-fledged stand up comedian, Jayde is returning to Bristol to headline What The Frock! on Thursday, January 24 – the first of the comedy series’ monthly gigs at its new home at Bristol’s Square Club.

Since starting out, her career highlights have included: “Melbourne Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, The Roundhouse, performing lots at Volupte Lounge and Duckie at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern – both great venues. But mainly my own (free!) stand up night in London, The Painted Grin.”

Jayde’s many talents and career ventures all complement her comedy style, she says: “I pull from every skill or experience I have to make comedy. My experiences are what make me different to other performers and using them all means I’ll be original.”

Her last Edinburgh show incorporated multimedia, dance, beat boxing, rap, opera, stories and cocktail shaking, and she promises “this year’s Edinburgh show will see me do even more stuff – I like to surprise, so I won’t say anymore.”

Among her favourite comedians, Jayde lists some veteran funny women, from Victoria Wood and Julia Walters’ sketch shows, to French and Saunders, and Julia Davis. “I like to be influenced by lots of different types of entertainment,” Jayde says, adding Green Wing, Maria Bamford, Louis CK, George Carlin and Michael McIntyre to her list, “but I wouldn’t say I was anything like them.”

For Jayde, stand-up comedy’s main appeal is: “I think I’m alright at it, and I enjoy it,” but like all the other jobs she’s done, she says “if I spend more time not enjoying it then I’ll try something else out.”

She tends not to dwell too much on the downsides of being a comedian, but admits, “I’m a sensitive little flower really, although the persona I adopt wouldn’t really highlight that. Usually the difference between a good gig and a bad gig is how I feel in myself. Confidence is a big part of what I do, so you have to keep getting it topped up and keep it in check, and find a way of switching your brain off to bad reviews or you can really sabotage yourself.”

Jayde will be at What The Frock! on Thursday, January 24, at The Square Club, Bristol. Please click here to buy tickets.

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