Groping and tongue-clicking: Think UK transport is bad for sexual harassment? Try Paris

Originally published at The Telegraph:

Sexual-Harrassment_3267086bI don’t remember anything about the first stranger who touched me on the Paris metro. But I do remember the overwhelming feeling of panic that engulfed me as an unfamiliar hand gripped my shoulder. I made a swift exit at the next station, before getting on the next train and positioning myself opposite a couple with young children – a safety technique that very quickly became a habit.

Five years ago, I spent some months living in the French capital as part of my university degree. I quickly discovered that Paris’s reputation as the world capital of romance – think padlocks on bridges and moonlit walks – isn’t all it’s cracked-up to be. Try sexual harassment instead.

The long-overdue news follows a survey in April, which confirmed what I already suspected: 100 per cent of Parisian women have experienced sexual harassment on public transport.

I spent my first few weeks there letting the regular comments and obscene gestures from French men wash over me. But when the touching, groping and grabbing started it felt like a real body blow.

London might have a reputation for sexual harassment on its underground tube system – something that TfL is now actively tackling – but the overwhelming frequency in Paris went far beyond what I’ve since experienced here in Britain.

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