Although I was away from 12th, the first couple of weeks in October were busy, particularly for mental health content. 3-7 October was National Work-Life Week and I worked with insurance company LV= (Liverpool Victoria) on two blog posts for their website. Featured on the Love Life section, both posts look at simple, day-to-day ways that LV=’s customers can bring a bit more balance to their lives.

7 foolproof ways to improve work-life balance

work-life-balance-340-x-175One way to tackle workplace stress is by reassessing your work-life balance. But that doesn’t just mean carving out more leisure time – it could also be about restructuring your time at work or finding the right incentives to make yourself more productive. Sarah Graham asks the experts for their ideas on how to find the perfect work-life balance.

  • Enrich your life with non-work activities.
  • The right reward gets the right results.
  • Don’t be afraid to be flexible.

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5 ways you can harness your commute to boost your work-life balance

commute-workIn the past decade, the number of people travelling for more than two hours to and from work has gone up by 72% – but that doesn’t need to feel like extra working time. Instead, it can actually be an opportunity to improve your work-life balance and your wellbeing. Sarah Graham asks the experts for their lifestyle tips.

  • Pay attention to the present moment.
  • Give your body and mind a good workout.
  • Reap the benefits of planning ahead.

It turns out that someone who travels 45 minutes each way to work will spend two years of their life commuting – so it’s all about making the most of it. With National Work Life Week coming up from 3-7 October 2016, now is the perfect opportunity to redress your work-life balance – and what better time to do it than during your commute?

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