Blog policy

This blog is primarily a way of curating my freelance writing work, advertising my freelance services, and sharing my thoughts with the world. All views expressed are my own or those of my interviewees, and I own the copyright to all written content unless otherwise stated. Comments are pre-moderated, and abuse will not be published.

In order to monetise the unpaid time and energy that goes into maintaining this blog, I may from time to time:

  • Publish reviews of products that I was sent free of charge, for review purposes. I do not receive financial compensation for these sample products, and all reviews reflect my honest opinions of the product
  • Link to products using affiliate or referral links, meaning I receive a small amount of commission or discount if you purchase them through my blog. I only use affiliate links to share a) products that I genuinely love and use myself or b) have given an honest review of on my blog
  • Display advertising through Google AdSense, or other companies whose services are relevant to my readership

In keeping with the themes covered by my blog, these products are typically books, apps, or other products relating to my three key areas of interest: women, wellbeing, and writing. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

If you would like to speak to me about advertising or reviewing your product, please read my blog first and then get in touch.