Love Wins: reflections on June

June 2016 will go down in my memory as a month of horrors, hurt and hatred, bookended by outstanding displays and outpourings of love. In reality the hurt beganĀ on 24th May, my second wedding anniversary, with the deportation of a woman I’d come to deeply care for during the nine months I’d been visiting her […]

When is a hateful bigot not a hateful bigot?

"Tell me again exactly how is my marriage affecting you?"

Everyone’s favourite Telegraph blogger, Cristina Odone has written an article explaining that she’s not a hateful bigot. If that sounds to you a bit like “I’m not a sexist/racist/homophobe but…” then you need look no further for that “but” than the article’s headline: [I’m not a hateful bigot but…] Why should gay couples get such […]