Recent writing: Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2020

For this year’s #SmearForSmear (Cervical Cancer Prevention) Week I again worked with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust on a couple of pieces, for both The i and Stylist. The first explores the myths and stigma that still surround HPV – the virus that causes the majority of cervical cancer cases – while the second looks at […]

Recent writing: Trans women and the HRT shortage, arthritis in pregnancy, and how vaginal fluid transplants could cure recurrent bacterial vaginosis

Well, September’s just flown by, hasn’t it? Since my last update, back in August, I’ve turned 30, run my first half marathon, and sunk my teeth into some fascinating subjects – including cat cloning, heart attacks, dementia, arthritis, transgender hormone therapy, and vaginal fluid transplants. In July I was one of the first journalists to […]

Recent work: Google/Somerset House, postnatal contraception, and mental health at festivals

July saw me back at Google Arts & Culture, working with them on a couple of projects – including one with Somerset House, which explores their Summer 2019 programme of exhibitions, projects and events celebrating immigration, diversity, identity, and black creativity. I also wrote features for both Patient and Refinery29, respectively exploring new mums’ contraceptive […]