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Women are seeking more natural ways of managing our menstrual cycles in place of hormonal contraception. But is biohacking a viable alternative or just another “wellness” fad? Sarah Graham investigates

The word biohacking sounds like something straight out of science fiction, conjuring up images of Orphan Black’s neolutionists tinkering with genetics and implanting gadgets inside their own bodies. Recently the term has become the buzzword de jour for Silicon Valley tech bros looking to be “posthuman” (their words); a technological alternative to working hard at the gym, gaining confidence and, for some, of course, for “picking up girls”. Nice.

But, outside of the tech-bro bubble, it’s a growing trend in the real world too – especially, it seems, among some women.

According to Flux Trends: “Biohackers encourage the democratic, DIY technological development of the human race. Biohacks range from the absurd (such as implanting flashing lights into one’s hands for fun) to the ingenious (DIY devices which enable people to “see” sounds or “hear” colours).” Some bodyhacking women even believe that a copper IUD is a form of cyborg implant.

Biohacking, or DIY biological enhancement, is a broad movement. While ‘bio-punks’ and ‘grinders’ go in for these extreme cyborg-style body modifications, ‘DIY biologists’ experiment with gene therapy, and ‘nutrigeomicists’ use food and supplements to “hack” their biology and optimise their health. And that’s where cycle syncing – or hormonal biohacking – comes in.

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