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Getting a decent night’s sleep on your period is tough at the best of times. One in three women experience disturbed sleep during their time of the month, with symptoms like cramps, bloating and headaches all contributing to restless nights. But if you’ve got a particularly turbulent bedtime routine, it can be all the more difficult to ensure you get your full eight hours. We spoke to three women about their bedtime habits, like using Always Platinum Night pads, to keep them feeling and looking their best, despite their disruptive sleep patterns.

Thirty-one-year-old Kim works two or three 12-hour night shifts each week as a trainee paramedic. It’s a vitally important job, but one that also has the potential to throw her body clock into disarray. “My night shifts are from 7pm to 7am, and I live an hour away from work, so I don’t get home till maybe 8am, if we finish on time,” she says. By the time Kim gets to sleep it’s often getting on for 9 o’clock, so keeping the bedroom as dark as possible and avoiding looking at her phone are essential for helping her to recharge after a long night shift.

In case that wasn’t tough enough, getting her period each month brings added challenges to Kim’s sleep routine. “I get very warm in bed when I’ve got my period, so I don’t sleep as deeply as I normally would,” she says. “It can also be very sore sometimes, so I struggle to drop off to sleep.”

When the period discomfort kicks in, Kim says targeted heat is something that really helps, and she’ll often wear a muscle pain heat pad underneath her uniform throughout her shift. “When I come home I’ll have a shower, and if it’s cold my wife leaves the heating on a timer and a towel warming on the radiator for me,” she says. After her shower, Kim adds, she’ll generally heat up a microwaveable beanbag and take that to bed with her, to help ease any cramping pains.

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