Jo's Trust

I have worked with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust on several occasions, providing clear, accurate and supportive written information for their website.

This included a project in partnership with Rape Crisis, highlighting both the challenges and the support available for survivors of sexual violence accessing cervical screening.

I also helped them to rewrite their online information sections on sex and intimacy after cervical cancer, and pelvic radiation disease (PRD) – the long-term after effects of cervical cancer treatment.

“We’ve trusted Sarah with a number of important projects because she delivers each time. Sarah immediately understands the brief and house style, balancing factual content and a supportive tone with ease. She has been a vital addition to our small internal team, allowing us to provide content to deadline without sacrificing quality or our community’s needs. We will absolutely be working with Sarah again in future.”

Imogen Pinnell, Health Information Manager at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust