Recent writing: Christmas and New Year

Unsurprisingly, the weeks around Christmas and the New Year were a busy time for writing about health. Throughout December and January I’ve written a lot about alcohol, food, diet, fitness, body image, and how to stave off the post-holiday blues. The festive period now feels like a distant memory, and January seems to be going […]

Recent writing: Bowel disease, and good mood food

I’ve been a little quiet on work updates since Mental Health Awareness Week. Not because there hasn’t been any recent writing, but because there’s been so much of it! I’m going to share May and June’s articles over the next few weeks, grouped together (vaguely) thematically. First up: a couple of my recent pieces for […]

The Truth About Detox Teas

Detox tea

For The Debrief: ‘Teatoxing’ is on the rise, promoted by celebrities on Instagram, but what effect do detox teas really have on our bodies? My latest piece for The Debrief looked at the trend for detox teas. Commonly promoted by celebrities on Instagram, ‘teatoxes’ are a supposedly natural, healthy tool to aid weight loss and […]

Healthy body, healthy mind?

It’s now been eight months since I started doing regular freelance work for, and a lot of that time has been spent in building up the core mental health resources for the website – pieces explaining the causes of, and treatments for, all the various mental health conditions and issues that RSCPP therapists work […]

Princess Wedding Diva Diet? No thanks, Facebook!

Originally published at The F Word. I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Facebook but when my boyfriend and I got engaged in April it was a very easy way to let all our friends and relatives know with one simple click. As feminists we’d already discussed all the patriarchal implications of marriage, so I […]