Links: Sexism in the Media

Kira Cochrane, in the Guardian: The women fighting sexism – from Page 3 to politics: The Page 3 protest is just one of an extraordinary number of current campaigns against media sexism. Over the past few years, and particularly the past few months, anger about the media portrayal of women, in terms of visibility, sexualisation […]

Just The Women: media portrayals of violence against women

Four women’s groups today published a report on media sexism, raising concerns about coverage of violence against women by the mainstream press. The joint report by Eaves, End Violence Against Women coalition, OBJECT and Equality Now, sampled 11 national newspapers over a two week period in September 2012, looking at examples of sexist and sexualised […]

Stand Up For Women

Originally published at What The Frock! Working for a violence against women charity, like being an Arsenal fan, is no laughing matter – as Denise Marshall, CEO of women’s charity Eaves, pointed out at the start of their Stand Up For Women comedy night in the Soho Theatre. Yet the amazing women (and men) who work at Eaves […]

Domestic violence not caused by “bad weather”

Originally published at Women’s Views on News. A women’s charity has dismissed police claims that bad weather may be to blame for a dramatic increase in incidents of domestic violence. Eaves, a London-based charity that supports victims of violence against women, described the police’s suggestion as, “nothing more than an appealing get out clause for […]

For Jasmine

About this time last year, Eaves lost their government funding for the Poppy Project, resulting in enormous cuts to their specialist services for victims of trafficking. Two months later I started volunteering at Eaves, and I met Jasmine*. I must now have seen this video half a dozen times or more and it still makes […]

2011 in photos

Well, 2011 has been an astonishing year. The Guardian’s 2011 Year in Review and The Student Journals’ Best Pictures and Most Iconic Moments of 2011 are both well worth checking out for a visual reminder of this year’s many highs and lows. It’s been a pretty spectacular year for me personally, too. I’ve seen Paris, Prague, Tours, Rouen, […]