Vicky Pryce’s time in Holloway: famous past inmates

Originally published at Islington Now. Vicky Pryce was moved to an open prison at the weekend to serve out her eight month prison sentence, after spending just four days in Holloway prison. As Ms Pryce settles in to East Sutton Park, we look at other famous inmates of Holloway’s cells. Built in 1852, Holloway was originally a […]

From Clerkenwell or not from Clerkenwell, that is the question

Originally published at Islington Now. William Shakespeare’s London career is traditionally associated with Southwark, where the famous bankside Globe Theatre stood between 1599 and 1644, not far from the site of it’s modern reconstruction. When he first arrived in London, Shakespeare was based at The Theatre in Shoreditch, and legend suggests he once lived on […]

Newington Green graffiti celebrates Wollstonecraft

Originally published at Islington Now. Fans of famous feminist Mary Wollstonecraft are celebrating her surprise appearance in the form of graffiti on the side of a church in Newington Green. The stencilled image of the 18th century “mother of feminism”, by street artist Stewy, is a bonus for a local campaign to get a statue […]

Review: The Deep Space at the Old Red Lion theatre

Originally published at Islington Now. The Deep Space is a dark, moving tragedy of domestic life with a haunting intimacy that lingers with the audience long after the four actors take their final bow. Described as a “modern horror story”, the play centres on the conversation between two women in an interrogation cell – Caitlin, a […]

Islington pub showcases young writer’s debut play

Originally published at Islington Now. The latest offering from Islington’s Old Red Lion Theatre Pub is “modern horror story” The Deep Space. It was produced by Sprocket Theatre, whose ambitious young founder, Lila Whelan, both wrote the play and performs in it. Preston-born Lila graduated with a History degree from Newcastle University and spent five […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 7-8

With just two weeks left of term, I’ve never been so ready for a break – even if that break comes in the form of a week at Press Association and a week at Metro before Christmas finally arrives. By the time I got home this evening every muscle in my body ached, and I […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 4-6

I was horrified to be reminded this morning that there are only four weeks left of this term. It’s almost impossible to believe that, including induction week, I’m now seven weeks into journalism school. Highlights of the last few weeks have, surprisingly, included a morning filming vox pops around Islington and, with hindsight, a week […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 1-3

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about journalism in the last six and a half years (and particularly in the last four weeks!) it’s that whenever you think it can’t possibly get more intense, it’s almost certainly just about to. Weeks 1-3 have passed in a blur of information, inspiration, exhaustion, and excitement. The start […]