Recent writing on women’s health – and an award!

Over the last few weeks I’ve covered pretty much all my specialist health topics: the brain, the mind, the uterus, the vagina, and the cervix, with articles on women’s experiences of trauma, planning a pregnancy when you have epilepsy, cervical cancer screening in the LGBT community, and – simultaneously fascinating and horrifying – vaginal ageing. […]

New freelance year, new you?

Happy freelance new year! The subject of a recent email from HMRC, “New Tax Year, New Approach, New You”, made me smile. I know, you’re rolling your eyes, but against my better judgement I’m still a bit of a sucker for the rhetoric of “new year, new you”. However arbitrary, there’s something irresistibly appealing about […]

Sexism, journalism and impostor syndrome

About a month ago I received an email from Jonathan Hewett, who taught me on my journalism MA, inviting me to speak on a panel at the Association for Journalism Education (AJE)’s spring seminar. The subject for the entire day was sexism in journalism, and the panel in question was looking at higher education perspectives – […]

National Freelancers Day: 3 perks of #freelancelife

19th November is a busy old date in the calendar of national and international awareness days. Today is International Men’s Day (in honour of which I’ve written a couple of piece on men’s mental health, here and here), World Toilet Day (part of the UN water campaign) and, here in the UK, National Freelancers Day. […]

A Feminist Times farewell round-up

When I blogged last week about leaving Feminist Times I promised “more thoughts to follow once I’ve processed them.” Somewhat inevitably, the nine days that have followed have been hectic, and so many people have asked me to either talk or write about my experience, that I’ve actually ended up with a slight case of […]

Goodbye, Feminist Times … for now

Originally published at Women’s Views on News On 14 July, myself and the Feminist Times team announced the end of the website in its current form, with the following statement: ‘We simply cannot survive any longer without having to change our values. Other projects like ours allow themselves to be co-opted by a big brand […]

the final word on feminism?

Originally published at i-D. A month ago I handed in my notice at my dream job. When I joined Feminist Times fourteen and a half months ago, I couldn’t imagine anything better than working on Charlotte Raven’s radical, alternative women’s magazine – a publication with a punk spirit, that was unashamedly feminist, anti-capitalist on principle, and had enough ethics […]