Client profile: Less-Stress London

For the third in my series of posts about my small business clients, I’m profiling Less-Stress London, a digital wellbeing hub for the capital, founded and edited by James Langton. James first approached me in 2015, after reading my article for Vice on the declining effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It took a while […]

App review: Hey! VINA

Hey! Vina app

It’s been ages since I last wrote a review, but Hey! VINA is an app I’ve actually used, and appreciated, a lot in the last few months. This week the developers celebrated their 6-month app store anniversary – although it took a couple of months after its initial launch before it came to London – so […]

Love Wins: reflections on June

June 2016 will go down in my memory as a month of horrors, hurt and hatred, bookended by outstanding displays and outpourings of love. In reality the hurt began on 24th May, my second wedding anniversary, with the deportation of a woman I’d come to deeply care for during the nine months I’d been visiting her […]

From Clerkenwell or not from Clerkenwell, that is the question

Originally published at Islington Now. William Shakespeare’s London career is traditionally associated with Southwark, where the famous bankside Globe Theatre stood between 1599 and 1644, not far from the site of it’s modern reconstruction. When he first arrived in London, Shakespeare was based at The Theatre in Shoreditch, and legend suggests he once lived on […]