the final word on feminism?

Originally published at i-D. A month ago I handed in my notice at my dream job. When I joined Feminist Times fourteen and a half months ago, I couldn’t imagine anything better than working on Charlotte Raven’s radical, alternative women’s magazine – a publication with a punk spirit, that was unashamedly feminist, anti-capitalist on principle, and had enough ethics […]

We need to talk about the UK media war on women

Originally published at Open Democracy. While Dylan Farrow’s child abuse allegations against Woody Allen hold the headlines, it is time for journalists to realise that sexual violence is not about evil individuals, Asian grooming gangs, or 1970s BBC culture. A number of years ago I heard British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist Bidisha quote feminist academic […]

Feminism in 2012 (and 2013)

The lovely Rhiannon (@illdoitanyway) has included me in her top five feminist bloggers of 2012. While I feel a bit of a fraud for having blogged so much about journalism and so little about feminism since September, the rest of the bloggers and tweeters on her list are well worth checking out, here: Feminist top […]

Work experience: Press Association

I spent the first week of the holidays interning at Press Association. As the UK’s national news agency, I was expecting it to be intense, but beyond that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I got was an interesting and varied insight into the day-to-day running of a news content provider that’s far […]

Links: Sexism in the Media

Kira Cochrane, in the Guardian: The women fighting sexism – from Page 3 to politics: The Page 3 protest is just one of an extraordinary number of current campaigns against media sexism. Over the past few years, and particularly the past few months, anger about the media portrayal of women, in terms of visibility, sexualisation […]

Just The Women: media portrayals of violence against women

Four women’s groups today published a report on media sexism, raising concerns about coverage of violence against women by the mainstream press. The joint report by Eaves, End Violence Against Women coalition, OBJECT and Equality Now, sampled 11 national newspapers over a two week period in September 2012, looking at examples of sexist and sexualised […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 7-8

With just two weeks left of term, I’ve never been so ready for a break – even if that break comes in the form of a week at Press Association and a week at Metro before Christmas finally arrives. By the time I got home this evening every muscle in my body ached, and I […]

Child abuse, online communities, and the BBC

Personne ne lit autant les journaux que les journalistes, qui, par ailleurs, ont tendance à penser que tout le monde lit tous les journaux. – Pierre Bourdieu, Sur la télévision This morning’s Online Journalism lecture with Paul Bradshaw, and guest speaker Paul Lewis, was on the importance of online communities. I’ve got a brilliant, witty, vibrant online […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 4-6

I was horrified to be reminded this morning that there are only four weeks left of this term. It’s almost impossible to believe that, including induction week, I’m now seven weeks into journalism school. Highlights of the last few weeks have, surprisingly, included a morning filming vox pops around Islington and, with hindsight, a week […]