Work experience: The Wharf

My first work placement of 2013 took me to the dizzying heights of Trinity Mirror’s 20th and 21st floor offices in the iconic One Canada Square, for two weeks at The Wharf. I’ve always found Canary Wharf a strange, soulless bubble of a place but I’ve slowly come to appreciate its serious, corporate charm (and it looks […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 9-10

That’s it then: the end of my first term at City. The last fortnight has been a hectic blur of newspaper production, subbing, portfolio and assignment deadlines, preparation for Christmas work experience, a trip to Christian Aid and, of course, the Leveson report – complete with special Roy Greenslade lecture on the subject. On the […]

Just The Women: media portrayals of violence against women

Four women’s groups today published a report on media sexism, raising concerns about coverage of violence against women by the mainstream press. The joint report by Eaves, End Violence Against Women coalition, OBJECT and Equality Now, sampled 11 national newspapers over a two week period in September 2012, looking at examples of sexist and sexualised […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 7-8

With just two weeks left of term, I’ve never been so ready for a break – even if that break comes in the form of a week at Press Association and a week at Metro before Christmas finally arrives. By the time I got home this evening every muscle in my body ached, and I […]

Journo Diaries: Weeks 4-6

I was horrified to be reminded this morning that there are only four weeks left of this term. It’s almost impossible to believe that, including induction week, I’m now seven weeks into journalism school. Highlights of the last few weeks have, surprisingly, included a morning filming vox pops around Islington and, with hindsight, a week […]

Back to reality

After four and a half weeks travelling around Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia’s east coast, and a week recovering since our return to London, I’m slowly readjusting to reality. Our travels were incredible, full of adventure (and I’m half-way through writing about them, so watch this space) but far from relaxing. I’d come down with […]

Not another feminist wedding blog

If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’ll have noticed that last Thursday I got engaged and (as those of you who follow me on Twitter will also know) found out I’ve got a place on the Newspaper Journalism MA at City University. It’s been a pretty manic long weekend (ok, I realise it’s […]