The Father

The Father by August Strindberg, new version by Laurie Slade. Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. 31st March – 14th April 2012. Directed by Joe Harmston. As a follow-up to Nora, I went to see The Father on Thursday with some of the lovely Coventry Feminist Culture Club women. The relationship between these two contrasting plays is fascinating and I’m glad the Belgrade […]

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism

This is a guest post by Josh Cooke. Do you believe that women should… Have the right to vote? Drive a car? Enjoy sex? Get paid the same as men for the same work? Did you answer yes to all of the above? Then you’d better lie down… You’ve probably caught feminism! [amazon_textlink asin=’1580053629′ text=’This small, […]

Mary Shelley

Last night I saw Shared Experience‘s production of Mary Shelley at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I’ve read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein three times in the last six years, since I was 16, and I’ve long been fascinated by the life of its 19 year old author. I have a recurring daydream of what it must have been […]

Nora: out of the Doll’s House?

Nora, stage version by Ingmar Bergman, adapted from Henrik Ibsen’s famously feminist play A Doll’s House. Belgrade Theatre, Coventry. 28th January – 18th February 2012. Directed by Patricia Benecke. The first cultural outing of the newly-formed Coventry Feminist Culture Club was to the Thursday 16th February performance of Nora, followed by a post-show discussion with the director and […]

Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of Dissent

A couple of weeks ago my best friend complained “you never write anything anymore!” Actually, it’s not strictly true. Today, for example, I wrote 6 pages of notes in a brilliant lecture on Bourdieu’s view of television journalism, 4 pages of notes in an equally brilliant lecture on The Merchant of Venice and what feels […]