Recent writing: alcoholism, weight stigma in eating disorder treatment, and disabled women’s access to sexual health services

These days I’ve heard and written about enough women’s health horror stories that not much shocks me anymore. But I was pretty horrified to hear about the experiences of Fiona Anderson and Kerry Thompson – two disabled women who’ve spent years fighting to be given cervical screening (smear) tests at their local GP surgeries. It […]

Priority: Low

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, on and off, in varying degrees, for most of my adolescent and all of my adult life. In May 2014, while working at Feminist Times, I edited their Mental Health Week – a week of content focused on why mental health is a feminist issue. Sadly the Feminist Times archive […]

What you could say to someone with mental health problems

What to say to someone with mental health problems

Originally published at Recently we published some of our therapists’ advice on what not to say to someone with mental health problems, to help you avoid saying the wrong thing or putting your foot in it. But what could you say instead? We asked some more RSCPP therapists what supportive things you could say to help someone […]

Review: Fake It ’til You Make It

Last month I interviewed performance artist Bryony Kimmings for The Debrief, about what to do when your boyfriend has depression. She and her own (non-performer) boyfriend, Tim Grayburn, have spent the last eight months touring a collaborative show based on just that: their experiences, as a couple, of Tim’s depression. Following huge acclaim in Australia, last week […]

Quiz: Can you tell depression fact from fiction?

Originally published at One in four people are affected by a mental health condition, and depression is one of the most common. Although a lot of work has been done to tackle stigma around the issue, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions around depression. Think you’re clued up? Test your knowledge […]