Why should you hire me to write or edit for you or your organisation? Here are some of the things previous clients and colleagues have said about my work…


Sarah is a dream freelancer to work with. She’s always full of incredible (publication-relevant) ideas, finds brilliant interviewees, and writes engaging and empathetic copy about complex and often sensitive subjects.

Sarah is a journalist you can truly rely on. I can’t recommend her highly enough for lifestyle commissions – particularly those related to women’s health and mental health.

Natalie Healey, NetDoctor

It’s always such a pleasure to commission and edit Sarah’s work. She just gets it. 

She is a clean writer who gets brilliant interviews and case studies. Sarah is both reliable and creative.

Victoria Spratt, Deputy Editor, The Debrief

.It’s a pleasure working with Sarah, she is an engaging writer with a high degree of professionalism in everything she undertakes. Sarah’s journalistic integrity is combined with accurate and concise expert knowledge in her areas of interest.

Overall she has proved an excellent freelance resource with a flexible approach, and I have no hesitation in recommending her both professionally and personally.

James Langton, Editor, Less-Stress London

Sarah has helped me greatly with my business marketing goal, by providing me with well written blog posts and pitches. She has a way of taking my message and communicating it in a clear and concise way, making for a good read for my audience.

Sarah has also put together some great pitches for me to send to editors of magazines and newspapers, to promote my business. Sarah has helped me a lot in this area, as writing pitches is not my strongest skill. Since using Sarah’s services I am able to save time, meet my marketing needs, and communicate my message in a clear, engaging way to my audience.

I would strongly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to save time on their marketing, by using her service to write content for their website. If you are not the best at finding the right words to convey your message to your target audience, Sarah will be able to help you.

Ayesha Giselle Accountability Coach

As our communications executive, Sarah was a delight to work with. She was always full of positive ideas about how to get our messages across to wide audiences, and happy to step up to all sorts of responsibilities, including writing blogs, speaking at conferences, organising events, updating the website and maintaining our social media profile. She has a real passion for social justice, but alongside that she has a natural skill for communicating with a range of people, from celebrities to vulnerable refugees, and knows what stories will work for a range of media outlets, from the Evening Standard to Buzzfeed. We at Women for Refugee Women felt very lucky to have Sarah to tell our stories and improve our public presence.

Natasha Walter, director, Women for Refugee Women

To make my ramblings turn into something coherent is no small task and your work in letting the book still flow, yet read infinitely better, was incredible. Your work was incredible and to have something I’m so proud of is largely down to you and your work. Thanks.

Andy Griffiths, Putting It Out There: Life in Full Swing

Reliable, trustworthy and professional – I have no hesitation recommending Sarah as a copywriter or proofreader.

Marcie MacLellan, Incontext Communications

Sarah is proving to be a real asset to us at rscpp.co.uk. She writes multiple articles for us each week and is fully committed, whether given specific topics to cover or given more free reign to suggest areas to cover. She has mastered our in-house article management and publishing system and been involved in new functionality development. Sarah is extremely creative and comes up with many great ideas on how to tackle obstacles. She has a firm grip on our subject matter.

Tommy Newman, RSCPP.co.uk

Sarah is brilliant to work with – she replies quickly, and turns work around efficiently and rapidly. She’s my first port of call when I need help with a transcription or two.

Kate Hutchinson, Contributing Editor at Guardian Guide


Sarah is natural born reporter, an excellent sub and proved herself to be a responsible Deputy Editor. A team player, she built good relationships with freelancers, partners, VIPs and staff. All this in a very challenging environment with ever changing time and budget constraints.

Feminist Times has definitely been influenced by Sarah’s voice and she received praise from mental health charities and service users for the innovative content in Mental Health Week – a theme week on the magazine she developed.

Whatever was thrown at Sarah she ran with it: Events management, database management, membership management and communications. Often researching in her own time the best way to solve difficult technical problems within some of the systems and building solutions.

Flexible, energetic, able to take responsibility even when things are not going to plan, Sarah will make a valuable contribution to any company she chooses to join next.

Deborah Coughlin, Editor of Feminist Times, Founder/Director of Gaggle

Sarah is a highly organised and focused writer and editor, it was a pleasure to work with her and under her editorial guidance at the Feminist Times.

Ruth Barnes, BBC/Amazing Radio

Sarah has been a joy to work with – she is the best kind of editor, the kind who takes the time to talk to writers and work with them on discovering what they mean to say and what they need to think about in order to say it. Several times I went to her with a pitch that was almost, but not quite, the pitch for the decent piece that emerged at the end of our discussions; she doesn’t try to write for you, but she does the coaching that puts you on the top of your game.

Roz Kaveney, Contributing Editor of Feminist Times

Sarah has written interviews and review for the website of my comedy business (What The Frock!) on a number of occasions, and her writing is always spot on, exactly what I’m after, and delivered ahead of deadline. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to anybody looking for a great writer and interviewer.

Jane Duffus, What The Frock!

Sarah’s performance was exemplary and her attitude was first class. She was given quite a tricky topic (gold, frankincense and myrrh) to write a feature on but took to the task immediately and with enthusiasm, digging out contacts and interviewing them in the short time period permitted by the deadline for the piece.

She was able to work on her feature without any supervision whatsoever and wrote it in the Metro style required. The final piece was well-written and engaging, while the statistics she compiled for the accompanying infographic were eye-catching and well-researched, particularly impressive given that they were not easy to find because of the quite obscure topic.

She also came up with additional ideas beyond what she was asked to do that eventually made it into the feature, which was printed across two pages in the front half of the last Metro of 2012.

Ross McGuinness, Metro

Press Association

Sarah was bright and keen to get involved in reporting the news of the day. She proactively sought out jobs she was interested in and got on well with the editorial staff in the newsroom.

Emily Pennink, Press Association


Sarah started writing for Women’s Views on News as a volunteer co-editor at the beginning of June. In that time, she has written a number of excellent news stories about women for the site. Her writing is generally of a high quality and requires very little sub-editing. She was also reliable as a volunteer. I’m sure Sarah can look forward to a career as a successful writer.

Alison Clarke, Women’s Views on News


Sarah Graham has written for Women’s Views on News since June 2012, and I have found her to be punctual to deadlines and consistent in the high quality of her writing. She is also enthusiastic and willing to support and help out at events. I can highly recommend her as an employee.

Jane Osmond, Women’s Views on News

The Student Journals

Sarah is intelligent, fun and works hard.

Initially, she joined The Student Journals in the more basic – but important – role of Content Manager, responsible for finding suitable pictures and uploading them alongside the articles to the website.

As time progressed, we realised that Sarah had more to give and created the position of Administrator, which Sarah has taken on superbly. Briefly, as Administrator Sarah is essentially responsible for making the organisation more fluid. She chases up Commentators, seeks out opportunities for The Student Journals to increase the reader and writer base, and ensures all writers are updates with necessary information. She really has made the organisation more efficient than it was.

Her latest endeavour was to recruit more women to join the ranks of TSJ writers. While TSJ’s core team is made up of nearly 50% women (as compared to 22% across the journalism industry), TSJ’s writers have been predominantly male. Sarah therefore decided to rectify this issue and in one night directed more than 10 women towards the website, all interested in writing for the site. I simply could not recommend her enough.

Siraj Datoo, The Student Journals


Sarah has been a pleasure to work with at The Student Journals. We realised very quickly that she is extremely capable and so gave her additional responsibilities. She has tackled her new portfolio with confidence and diligence. I look forward to working with Sarah for a long period of time, and have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her.

Ali Gokal, The Student Journals

Sarah Graham has completed work experience on the news desk on two separate occasions. At every stage she has been polite and enthusiastic while undertaking quite complex stories and tasks with vigour and competence.

Her efforts, under direction from the news desk and senior reporters, resulted in exclusive front page stories in our newspaper that were followed up by other news organisations. Without her work the stories would not have been published.

She is a bright, diligent and hard working person who has a very bright future in journalism. We wish her all the best with her pending career.

Andrew Hough, The Daily Telegraph


Sarah Graham has been at the Daily Telegraph on work experience between July 5th and July 23rd 2010. During that time she has shown herself to be intelligent, clear thinking and reliable. She has performed a number of tasks for both the newspaper and website, including conducting telephone research and writing up press releases and other articles. Her copy has been well written, accurate and on deadline.

Sarah has been a pleasure to work with.

Claire Jarvis, The Daily Telegraph

Original copies of all references and testimonials can be provided on request, as well as contact details of current referees.